Production Facilities

ERG Plastic Fabrication Ltd’s manufacturing facilities are located on a 3 acre site at Slinfold, near Horsham, in West Sussex.

Our production buildings can handle large vessels up to 4 m diameter. Vessel height is not a barrier, especially if the vessel can be sectioned. We have a large concrete plinth with flexible fixing points to allow trial assembly for large jobs.

With the use of scaffolding we can assemble vessels at heights up to 10m.

Infra-Red Welding

In addition to all the standard equipment for plastic fabrication we also have specialist Infra-Red welding equipment for use with PolyPro, PVDF, ECTFC and HDPE to give high purity, contamination free welded joints for use in pharmaceutical / food industry applications.

Staff Expertise

Experienced team

The ERG Plastic Fabrication team is led by very experienced fabricators, each with more than 20 years of experience in plastic fabrication.


  • CSCS – All our technical staff have CSCS cards, and all have passed the Health & Safety test
  • Confined spaces – Several of the ERGPF technicians have the appropriate training and qualifications for working in confined spaces
  • 4D Passport – All our technicians have 4D passport permits for site work within water treatment sites
  • Cat 1 welding – Selected technicians are qualified for carrying out category 1 welding and laminating tests

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