Quality Control

ERG Plastic Fabrication holds both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditations thereby ensuring that all our design, production, quality control procedures and management processes are strictly controlled to the highest standards.

Each item manufactured by ERG Plastic Fabrication is subjected to a rigorous battery of inspections and quality tests in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Our ductwork is fabricated to Dw 154 standards from the HVCA (Heating Ventillation and Contractors’ Association).

Testing Capabilities

Our range of quality testing capabilities includes:

  • Spark testing for leaks on all vessels – A high frequency, high voltage probe is passed over the weld which has a self adhesive metallic tape attached on the other side. The spark tester will emit a shower of orange / yellow sparks over the weld. If there is a leak in the weld, then the sparks will change to bright blue. This high tech hardware combined with our inspectors’ extensive experience means that you can rely on any ERGPF vessel.
  • Hydrostatic water testing – This is especially for testing overall vessel integrity including flanges and joints, and is particularly demanded for on-site testing following assembly in-situ.
  • Pressure testing for GRP pressure vessels and pipes up to 6 bar – ERG Plastic Fabrication can water fill pressure test pipe components and vessels up to 6 bar to certify against design standards where required.