When you commission ERG Plastic Fabrication, we offer a range of standard and additional value added services:

  • project management
  • testing
  • process and engineering design through our sister company, ERG (Air Pollution Control)
  • trial assembly
  • reconditioning and repair
  • emergency call-out for repairs and maintenance

In more detail

Project Management

We work with you to schedule your fabrication to suit your timetable, building all the required milestones for inspection, testing, trial assembly, shipment and installation etc. into the project plan.

Process and Engineering design

Our sister company, ERG (Air Pollution Control) has strong process and engineering design capabilities and over 30 years of experience in designing process units for odour control and air pollution control applications. By commissioning ERG for the design and ERG Plastic Fabrication for the fabrication the end to end process is effectively controlled within one group giving clients the benefits of a seamless experience.

On-site Installation

If required, ERG Plastic Fabrication can be contracted to supervise the assembly and installation of your ducting and vessels on-site. We also can assist with on-site disassembly and removal of redundant plant.

Reconditioning and repair service

Whilst the lifetime of most plastic vessels exceeds that of the equivalent metal structure, nevertheless some reconditioning might be necessary to bring it back to tip top condition or to repair stress cracking.


We have a battery of testing equipment to ensure quality control to the highest standards.

Trial assembly for sectional vessels

Where fabricated items are constructed in sections, we have the facilities and the space to conduct trial assembly to ensure components fit as designed prior to client acceptance and shipment to site.

Emergency call-out

Repairs and maintenance following accidental damage or unforeseen failure of your plastic process vessels.

Trial assembly of a sectional scrubber vessel

Trial assembly of a scrubber